Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New submission

"You Have No Idea What I've Forgot" has been submitted to the Normal Mailer Awards, run by the National Council of Teachers of English. It's open to high school teachers.

They'll announce the awards in September.

I'm pleased with my work on that story.

Next up: Finally getting back to "Unearthed," the next "Old Man" tale. I have to get it in good shape before school starts up again.


Berry said...

Good luck, Bill.

Also, until LJ can mitigate its DDoS issues, I've fallen back on my Wordpress blog, fallow after just over a year.

William Preston said...

Thanks. Did you submit to that? I didn't think to send you the information.

LJ is a mess. I'm tired, in any case, of the ads you have to click through. I'll be sure to check out your dormant blog.

Berry said...

Didn't submit but am thinking about it for next year.

Now I can log onto my LJ, but I'm officially mirroring everything from the Wordpress site.