Friday, February 10, 2012


Three days ago, I sent the "shopping agreement" for "Clockworks" to my friendly L.A. lawyer; the agreement allows a certain agent based in L.A. to show my story to various Hollywood folks in an attempt to get someone interested in making it into a movie (or a snack food. Either way).

Two days ago, I sent "You Have No Idea What I've Forgot" to Ryga, a Canadian journal with a social mission.

Yesterday, I sent "Unearthed" to Asimov's.


TheDawgLives said...

I'm looking forward to reading "Unearthed". I'm assuming it in the same vein as "helping them Take the Old Man Down".

William Preston said...

Dear, um, Dawg,

It's another tale of the Old Man—though this time, it's 1926. Early days for my Man of Many Monikers.

One more story in the sequence after that one . . . I think.

Julien said...

Clockworks, The Movie. With a cameo by the author, just like Stan Lee? ;)

William Preston said...

In a nod to Stan Lee, since it's 1962, I'll be seated in the background of a scene reading an early Fantastic Four comic.