Friday, April 25, 2014

More stories via Kindle

I have joined together two stories that, really, have no business being together . . . except that I wrote them both. "Vox ex Machina," which ran in the Dec. 2013 Asimov's, and "A Crisis for Mr. Lion," which won the 2006 Zoetrope: All-Story Short Fiction Award, are for sale (less than a buck!) via Amazon as one e-book. I believe Amazon Prime users may "borrow" them for free, but perhaps I've misunderstood something about the process.


Anonymous said...

Yes, as a Prime member I can apparently borrow this for free.

If I had a Kindle, that is, which I don't.

But I have already read those wonderful stories.

cheers, Calvin

William Preston said...

Ah, well. It's the thought that counts! Heh.

Be well,


PS: You can't run the Kindle app on your computer?

Jack Vills said...

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