Tuesday, May 23, 2017

"Good Show": New story in Asimov's

The current issue of Asimov's Science Fiction contains (among other stories by a wonderful array of writers) my short story "Good Show." Let me know what you think.



Anonymous said...

excellent. dare I inquire as to the progress of the final Old Man story?

William Preston said...

You dared!

Look, if it doesn't get done this summer, it'll likely never get done. That's the ultimatum I'm imposing on myself.

Anonymous said...

I have had similar writing experiences. I offer you the utmost encouragement to persist. As a person who grew up on that sort of heroic fiction I have found them to be very moving, almost spiritually so, if that is the right word. In troubled times I find I need that sort unapologetically optimistic humanism. I suspect you feel the same, or you wouldn't have written them.

I wish you well.

William Preston said...

Thanks for all that—expressing what these stories mean to you and encouraging me to keep going. The stories (and probably all of my stories) were often prompted by questions I had, but I agree that, at heart, what propels them and their characters is "an unapollgetically optimistic humanism." That's well said, and I hadn't thought of that core concept in those words before. (I was somewhat shocked when an amateur reviewer described my latest Asimov's story as "nasty," apparently having been put off by violent scenes. The story itself, I think, drew on that same humane impulse, but people often read the story they expect to read rather than the story the author wrote.)


Hektor Robertson said...

Final Old Man story definitely not happening then? Way past summer now.

Anonymous said...

No need to impose arbitrary deadlines on yourself. These are turbulent times--they make a creative mindset challenging. I find in my own work that I must make myself persist, if only because if we allow the wretched spectacles in the world to keep us from making art, that will be the biggest loss of all. All I can do is implore you to persevere. It's done when it's done.